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The Los Angeles Lakers' Championship Celebration Continued In Hollywood On Tuesday

(Credit: TMZ Sports)

(Credit: TMZ Sports)

Fresh off their 2020 title victory in the Orlando bubble, the Los Angeles Lakers are keeping the celebrations alive in Hollywood. Ahead of their dinner/party at the Delilah Hotel on Tuesday, camera crews caught several players entering the venue with their significant others.

Danny Green, Dwight Howard, Dion Waiters, and KCP were dressed to impress in what looked to be a fancy dinner celebration to honor the Champs. Last week, the Lakers were seen at the NOBU having a similar, dinner-style celebration in Malibu. Let's not forget the Lakers' celebrations in Vegas, where Bron came in lifting the Larry O'Brien trophy.

After 10 years of misfortune, the Los Angeles Lakers are experiencing the joys of being back on top of the basketball world. In spite of many unique challenges, they came out as Champs -- and they're taking every minute to soak in the aftermath.

For now, they will likely continue to celebrate their accomplishment, but it won't be long before they're back in the lab, preparing for another run.