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The Los Angeles Lakers Have Been Outscored By 47 Points In The First Quarter Of Their Last 2 Games

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In any sport, one of the most important things is to get off to a good start. A solid start to a game can lay the foundation for success and the same is true for basketball. While comebacks are always a possibility, especially in the modern game, a large number of games are decided in the first quarter itself, and this is something the Los Angeles Lakers have been reminded of in the worst way in their last two games. 

In their last two outings against the Phoenix Suns and the Toronto Raptors, the Lakers have been outscored by a combined 47 points in just the first quarter. The number is hard to fathom but makes sense once you break down how it happened. The defense gave up 48 points to the Suns on Sunday night, while the offense had a terrible start against the Raptors, managing just 12 points in the initial period.

The lack of shooting was something that fans and media members pointed out before the season even began for the Lakers and it's haunted them at different points this season. But over the last 2 first quarters, it's been worse than anyone could have expected, they've managed to make just 1 three-pointer on 23 attempts in the combined 24 minutes. 

The defense is even more alarming considering that Frank Vogel is supposed to be a defensive coach. LeBron has been called out for not getting back on that end of the floor and Westbrook has also regressed defensively, both of which are issues that will need to be addressed if further embarrassments like this are to be avoided. 

Getting a good start out of the gate will also be important mentally going forward, considering that the team is almost completely lacking any confidence now. One positive sign from the Raptors game was that the Lakers managed to reach 100 points despite their slow start and they need to find their capabilities just to end the season on somewhat of a nice note.