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The Master Plan For The Brooklyn Nets

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Brooklyn basketball has taken a big leap forward since the infamous "Big 4" meltdown in 2013. A series of trade has not only brought the team young talent, but a roster worthy of playoff contention.

This summer their efforts might get even further rewarded by the arrival of a free agent, namely Kyrie Irving, who has been linked to Brooklyn since the start of the season.

But where does that put D'Angelo Russell? Right where he is, according to Anthony Puccio.

The ideal scenario for Brooklyn would involve pairing Russell and Irving to create a powerful backcourt combo.

But how realistic are their chances to accomplish such a feat? Unlike some other teams in the league, Brooklyn offers a stable, winning environment in one of the biggest basketball markets in the NBA. And considering how D'Angelo has developed in his time there, keeping him is as simple as offering the max.

After years of trying to dig themselves out of a hole, the Nets appear poised to make a huge leap this summer.