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The Miami Heat Are High On Tyler Herro: "They Think He Can Be Better Than Devin Booker."

(via QFM96)

(via QFM96)

The Miami Heat got a true gem in Tyler Herro, for sure. They got it out of Kentucky with the 13th overall pick after showing glimpses of greatness at the collegiate level and he's lived up to the expectations throughout his first season in the NBA.

Herro can thrive off the ball, knock down shots efficiently from all three levels, create for others, and even though he's not much of a good defender - yet - he puts his body on the line and tries to improve on every single possession. He's fearless out there.

That's why, according to Dan LeBatard, the Miami Heat are by no means intending to move him on any potential deal for a superstar because they feel like he's going to turn into one of his own, even claiming that he'll be better than Devin Booker:

There are certainly some similarities between both former 13th overall pick out of UK. They're both prolific, efficient, fearless scorers that can turn heads every single possession.

Thus far, Herro is averaging 13.5 points, 4.1 rebounds, 2.2 assists, and 2.1 three-pointers per game on 42/38/87 shooting and 27.4 minutes a night. That's impressive for a rookie.

Moreover, he's come in huge in the clutch in the playoffs. He's asking for the ball, cutting, fighting in the offensive board and coach Spoelstra is even drawing up plays for him already.

The Miami Heat are reportedly going to be quite aggressive this summer in their pursuit of another star to pair with Jimmy Butler. All teams are likely going to ask for Herro in return but as of now, it seems like he's off the table, as he should be.