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The Milwaukee Bucks Could Have One Of The Harder Paths To The 2021 NBA Championship


After recording the league-best record in the past two seasons, the Milwaukee Bucks dropped to the 3rd spot in the Eastern Conference this campaign. However, this season they look more potent than before, with ample chances to come out of the East and win the NBA championship. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, Jrue Holiday and co. played great basketball during the regular season, but now it's time to prove their worth and see if they're able to win it all in a stacked conference that has the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers as the biggest threats for the Bucks.

Mike Budenholzer's team could have an arduous path to the promised land. One Redditor imagined what kind of journey they could find on their way to the Finals and the championship. Via "thuggernae":

  • First Round: The Heat, who are the reigning Eastern Conference Champions.
  • Semifinals: The Nets, who have, arguably, the most potent offense in NBA history.
  • Conference Finals: The 76ers, the top-seeded team with an MVP candidate.
  • NBA Finals: Possibly the defending NBA Champion Lakers.

The Miami Heat dismantled and eliminated the Bucks last season and they could do the same this term. If they overcome Jimmy Butler and co., then the Nets Big 3 will possibly be waiting for them, and that matchup would be great to watch. 

The Nets and Bucks clashed in the regular season, giving fans very entertaining duels. After that, they would go against the Joel Embiid-led Philadelphia 76ers, the best team in the conference. This matchup would be exciting for both teams, with Giannis going against JoJo and Holiday facing another great defensive point guard in Ben Simmons. 

If that's not enough for them, the Western Conference has at least 3 serious candidates to win the championship this campaign. You can say the Lakers are the favorites for their condition of champions. But, the Los Angeles Clippers, Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns and even the Denver Nuggets can make it to the biggest series of all, too.

This won't be easy for the Bucks. In a season where they assembled an excellent team, the competition is more complex. Still, the squad they put together is the main factor why they can overcome these obstacles.