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The Moment That Started Trouble Between KAT And Butler


At this point, it's only a matter of time before Jimmy Butler boots himself out of Minnesota.

Amongst the reports of him demanding a trade, details about why also surfaced. Mainly, it has to do with the upper-level management, and the apparent "misdirection" the franchise was heading towards.

Still, at least some of the blame has to be placed on the relationship between Jimmy and the rest of his teammates, namely Karl-Anthony Towns. Multiple reports were hinting at a drift between the two stars which, now, appears to be at least somewhat true.

And it may have been this moment back in February that started it all.

Calling anyone a "f----ing p---y" usually doesn't sit too well with them, to begin with, but when that person is seeking to become the franchise's next big superstar (and have the respect that goes along with it), it's bound to cause a problem.

Then again, it's probably nothing new to any NBA locker room.

Time to pack it up Butler, clearly this experiment was just one that was never going to work.