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The NBA Is Building A Barbershop Inside The Orlando Bubble

(via TW/tiagosplitter)

(via TW/tiagosplitter)

The NBA is putting all the effort to make the players comfortable in the bubble. Despite the initial criticism of the food, the league has turned things around and now players seem to be very comfy in Orlando. However, the league isn't done trying new teams to make all the players feel at home over the next couple of months.

A full-size barbershop is being built inside of the bubble in Orlando. Former San Antonio Spur Tiago Splitter shared the picture on social media and it went viral.

One of the things we saw the most during the NBA suspension was the players' looks. James Harden, LeBron James, and more people let themselves go during the hiatus, dramatically changing their looks. Now the league's front office will take care of those who haven't had a proper haircut in months. Earlier this month, ESPN revealed the league was planning to bring a group of barbers to the bubble to take care of the players.

IT ALL STARTED with Will Rondo. More than a decade ago, when his younger brother was drafted into the NBA, Rondo became something of a go-to guy for his sibling, helping coordinate transportation and logistics for the then-Boston Celtics point guard. Soon after, Rondo started handling the same logistics for some other members of the Celtics, then others around the NBA. In 2009, he started a hospitality company, Superior Global Travel & Concierge.***It was up to Rondo to compile a 50-person list. He leaned on the relationships he’d built with barbers and stylists who had become close with NBA players — the ones players would call as soon as their plane landed, or would ask them to make a house call before a national TV game. Roughly a third of them quickly told Rondo they couldn’t leave their family or their business — or both. But many others pitched themselves aggressively, offering up their experience, accolades, and high-end clientele.

The NBA barbershop will have six barbers working with players every day. This is something great and it shows the determination of the league to finish the season the best possible way. Utah Jazz's Donovan Mitchell reacted to the news, even comparing the bubble to the 2K neighborhood.

We're only 10 days away from the restart of the season and the bubble can't look any better.