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The NBA Made A Serious Mistake Last Night


Mistakes happen all the time.

Just because the NBA is a multi-billion dollar association doesn’t mean they are immune to them.

Tuesday night’s matchup between the Hornets and 76ers is just the latest example of them screwing something up.

The game was a tight affair, and ended with the Sixers winning in OT thanks to a Jimmy Butler buzzer-beating three.

Further review, however, challenges whether that game should’ve even went into OT at all.

The clip clearly shows Kemba Walker getting fouled at the three-point line at the end of regulation, meaning he should’ve had three free throws. And being down two, that’s huge.

Somehow, the third three-throw never happened and nobody knows why.

That’s a pretty serious mistake.

It’s not unheard of for the league to re-play a game in matters like these. So it is certainly a possibility that they go back and try this again.

Still, this is a pretty big whoops from a league that prides themselves on getting things right.