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The NBA Missed A Crucial Call At The End Of Game 1


Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors will go down as one of the worst officiated Finals game in recent memory, and would've been the main talking point of the game had it not been for J.R. Smith's brain fade late in the fourth quarter.

Many Cavs' fans felt robbed with some of the missed reaching calls going against them, as well as the major call, the LeBron charge/block call that was reviewed and changed from a charge to a block on James, gifting Kevin Durant two free throws.

But Cleveland fans may have a bit more to be angry about, as the league has come out to announce that George Hill should've been given an extra free throw at the line, as Draymond Green committed a lane violation during the second one.

Yep, that's a definite lane violation, and in the most crucial possession of the game as well.

To be fair to the refs and Green though, the officials rarely call lane violations, if at all, and there's probably been countless times this season, in clutch time as well, where a player has stepped into the lane before the ball had been released from the hands of the player taking the free throw and not been called for it. It's just unfortunate that all eyes were on Game 1 of the Finals when it happened.

Still, the officials reffing Game 2 better make sure they're on the top of their game, as they're bound to be examined thoroughly.