The NBA Needs To Recreate This Iconic Picture For Their 75th Anniversary

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Credit: NBA

Credit: NBA

Next season will mark the 75th anniversary of the NBA. The league has come a long way from 1946 to this day, becoming a global brand and one of the major sports competitions in the world. 

Everybody expects them to have a terrific campaign, using any opportunity they have to commemorate 75 years of struggles and successes. Although things didn't start the best way after they revealed the logo for the next season, the league's front office still has opportunities to make things right.

For instance, Slam Studios brought back one of the best things they did during their 50th anniversary. Panelists were asked to select the top 50 players in history, coming up with a great list. 


25 years have passed since that moment, and fans would like to see how that group would like now. We've had a lot of incredible players since 1997, and if we keep in mind that they can add 25 more stars now, the league has a big opportunity in their hands. 

Of course, some will be missed due to whatever reasons, but there's no doubt that this pic will be incredible. Fans know they blew a big chance with their diamond logo and this can be a big opportunity for the league to redeem themselves.