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The New York Knicks Spelled Immanuel Quickley's Name Wrong On His Own Jersey

The New York Knicks Spelled Immanuel Quickley's Name Wrong On His Own Jersey

It's hard being a player for the New York Knicks this season. Unlike last year, the franchise has genuinely been struggling for form this year. And fans are quickly starting to grow impatient with the team after their expectations were increased last season. But as Immanuel Quickley learned last night, things can always get worse.

During the Knicks game against the Detroit Pistons, Immanuel Quickley's jersey became a subject of conversation among NBA fans. Many people noticed that Quickley's jersey had a typo, misspelling his name as 'Qucikley' rather than Quickley. It was not a good look for the most valuable NBA franchise.

Quickley's game was not all that great, as he came off the bench to score 18 points. But he only made 2 out of his 7 three-pointers, and 4 of his 13 field goals. Quickley had to rely mostly on free throws for his scoring number. But despite this, he was the second-highest scorer for the team on the night behind fellow bench option Alec Burks.

Quickley has been touted as one of the best picks from the 2020 NBA Draft, as the young player has seemingly surpassed expectations of him. Unlike Obi Toppin, Quickley was not a top-10 pick for the Knicks, and thus, wasn't expected to step up the way that he has.

But he has shown that he can be a reliable scorer. And with the experience he is getting, playing alongside guards like Kemba Walker and Derrick Rose, who have played at the highest level in the NBA, he will have a great learning experience and pick up some valuable lessons from them.

The Knicks should have been more careful with the jersey printing, and it made them and their player look bad. Granted, it won't be a subject of conversation for too long, but this was an avoidable mistake.