The New York Knicks Still Owe Joakim Noah Millions Of Dollars Over The Next Four Years

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Congratulations Knicks fans! You finally found a way to get rid of Joakim Noah! But it's come at a very steep price.

On Saturday, the New York Knicks finally announced they were waiving past-his-prime center Joakim Noah, as the former Defensive Player of the Year had become upset with the organization, but still had two more years left on his hefty contract.

The move was months in the making, even though the Knicks didn't exactly want to make it, as Noah had sat out a large portion of his tenure with the Knicks due to injuries, as well as the fact Noah never really was the same player he was with Chicago.

To put it in perspective, Noah only scored 12 points last season for the Knicks, but was paid over $17 million for his services. Now, after being waived, the Knicks will have to pay out the remaining $38 million over the next four years to Noah, meaning for each of those 12 points Noah scored last season, he'll be paid over $4 million for each of them.

The Knicks -- after not being able to find anyone willing to trade for Noah and take his contract off their hands -- elected to waive and stretch Noah's contract over four years, rather than eating the brunt of his contract over a shorter two-year span, allowing them to pay out his contract in smaller doses and still chase after top free agents.

Regardless of the way they've chosen to end Joakim's stay in New York, the Knicks made a huge mistake signing him in the first place.