The Numbers Show That Zion Williamson Might Be The Best College Prospect Since Anthony Davis

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The world was in for a treat Thursday night when Duke prospect Zion Williamson finally returned from an injury suffered last month. Not only did the freshman star drop 29 in the victory over Syracuse, but he also went a perfect 13-13 from the field.

After six games of struggles from Duke, he returned last night to remind the basketball world just what it had been missing.

Looking at the bigger picture, Zion is unlike any player we have ever seen before. Built at 6'7", 285 pounds, he's an athletic marvel. Even scarier is the skill set he has developed alongside his body, a skill set that will translate well in the NBA. One statistic, as recently pointed out on Twitter, illustrates just how dominating he has been with Duke this season.

Zion is the best player the NCAA has seen in at least 6 seasons when Anthony Davis was crushing his way through the college ranks. We see how successful Davis has been at the next level, and there is no reason to believe Zion will not succeed as well.

While it is far too early to declare him the next great generational NBA superstar, the numbers Williamson has posted this season is just one of the many reasons why so many teams are counting on him to resurrect their franchise.

After all, the numbers never lie, right?

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