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The Ohio-Born Team That Would Win Multiple Championships: LeBron James, Stephen Curry, CJ McCollum

Credit: S1cked1ts

Credit: S1cked1ts

The state of Ohio has born a lot of good athletes throughout history and that doesn't seem to be stopping. When it comes to the NBA, it has really delivered, giving big names like Ron Harper, John Havlicek and Nate Thurmond, to name a few.

Although these players are already retired, Ohio keeps delivering and right now there are a couple of players that could form an All-Ohio team that would beat the rest of the NBA without any problems. Of course, arguably the most famous Ohio athlete of all time, LeBron James, would be part of that team that would be a complete nightmare for the competition.

One NBA fan account put together a team that could create a lot of trouble for the rest of the NBA, including Bron, Stephen Curry, CJ McCollum, Caris LeVert and Larry Nance Jr. LeBron James and Stephen Curry were born in Akron, at the same hospital, curiously. Larry Nance Jr. was also born in Akron. McCollum was born in the famous Canton, while LeVert was born in Columbus.

With the first two names playing together, you know this team has something special to offer. With the addition of McCollum and LeVert, you know you have two good players that can deliver any night when the two stars are off. Nance has been a great defender in the league and his addition to this would be the cherry on the top.

The question isn't if this team will have enough talent to win a championship, the question is how many they would win before somebody stop them? Watching Curry and LeBron playing together has been a dream for most NBA fans but that doesn't seem to be happening unless they play at the All-Star game.

This team, though, would be terrific to see in the association.