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The Only 5 NBA Players Who Played For The Same Team For 19+ Seasons

The Only 5 NBA Players Who Played For The Same Team For 19+ Seasons

The NBA is the biggest basketball league in the world. There are talented players from all around the globe flaunting their talents. But few players have huge longevity in their tanks. In fact, playing over 16-17 seasons in the league is a truly commendable achievement.

But what about the players that have spent more than 19 seasons in the league? Still not impressed? Well, add playing for a single team to that! Yes, there have been players who have spent almost two decades with the same team.

ClutchPoints posted a graphic on Instagram talking about this achievement. According to it, there have only been 5 players in the history of the NBA, who have played 19+ seasons with the same team.

The list features John Stockton (UTA), Tim Duncan (SAS), Kobe Bryant (LAL), Dirk Nowitzki (DAL), and Udonis Haslem (MIA). By the way, all the players on the list have gone to at least one final in their careers, and apart from Stockton each player has won an NBA title as well.

Upon seeing the list, many NBA fans reacted to the post, here are some of the best comments on it:

dalaphotography: "Curry, Giannis and Dame will be added to this list."

forgettable_filip: "Look at all these great players alongside the GOAT UD."

mareksfromlv: "Loyalty is great but overrated. I mean imagine if Bron stayed in Cleveland his whole career. We would all beg him to go to a different team so that he doesn't waste, arguably the greatest career of all time." "Wade and the Heat messed this up bad."

dhana28og: "This is actually a great lineup."

p1ayboy_drac0: "Technically bron is loyal because he did get a ring for each team he was on."

janieltfelix: "Well haslem hasnt played in like 6 years but yeah he's on the team."

_cellicell: "What about loyal organizations 😂 ya kill me with the narratives about the NBA."

dash_bigga: "Well this means the teams were loyal to them .. cause we all know teams are not loyal to majority of players .. players want to be loyal if it makes sense .. it all made sense for all of these players."

brian5haq: "What's crazy is Kobe got drafted by the Hornets,Dirk by the Bucks and Haslem was undrafted.. that's probably why they gave everything to these teams."

Speaking of their respective careers in the NBA, let's start things off with the Mamba. Kobe came to the league as a teenage sensation and left it as a legend. During his tenure with the Lakers, Kobe won five NBA Championships and many other accolades. He retired from the league in 2016 solidifying himself as arguably the best Lakers player of all time.

Kobe's prime was in the 2000s, and guess who else was in his prime at that time? Tim Duncan. Duncan is widely considered the best power forward the league has ever had. Tim was never too vocal as a player, but his resume speaks for himself. The Big Fundamental played for the Spurs in 19 seasons and won five NBA Championships.

On top of that, he bagged two regular-season MVP awards as well. Timmy will always remain a legend for Spurs fans. 

Apart from Kobe and Timmy, Dirk Nowitzki was also active during the same time. Although he won just a single NBA title in 2011, it was arguably one of the toughest championship runs that fans have ever witnessed. He served the Mavericks for 21 seasons and retired as a legendary figure for them.

Winning in the NBA is important, but it is not everything. John Stockton's career with the Utah Jazz perfectly fits that line. The former Jazz superstar was a great point guard and simply a brilliant passer. After all, he has the most assists to his name in the NBA. However, he could never win an NBA Championship during the 19 years he spent with the franchise.

Moving on to the last player on the list, the Miami Heat's Udonis Haslem. While the above-mentioned players have all retired from the league, Haslem is still an active player. Haslem might not have many accolades to his name, but he is a 3-time NBA champion and has been in the league for 19 years. 

In the future players like Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Dame Lillard might be added to this list. But the question is whether they can last in the league for at least 19 seasons or not.

All things considered, the list is pretty exclusive and hard to achieve. It takes hard work, dedication, and a stroke of luck to play your entire career with a single team in the NBA.