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The Pelicans Prevented Anthony Davis From Returning To The Court On Monday

Anthony Davis

You know things are really over when a team stops their best player from playing.

For the New Orleans Pelicans, it sounds like they're completely moved on from Anthony Davis to the point where they won't even let him return to the court.

After recovering from a left finger injury that sidelined him for several weeks, a new report claims a now healthy Davis tried returning to the court on Monday night against the Pacers before being stopped by management.

(via Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes)

The New Orleans Pelicans’ front office prevented a healthy Anthony Davis from making his return from a finger injury on Monday night, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Davis, 25, eagerly wanted to suit up at home against the Indiana Pacers after recovering from a left finger avulsion that sidelined him for a little more than two weeks, sources said, but the organization elected to keep him inactive. There’s the impression that his absence could potentially extend until the conclusion of Thursday’s trade deadline, sources said.

The assumption is that the Pelicans don't want to hinder their leverage in trade talks if Anthony Davis gets injured again. If he isn't dealt by the deadline, there is a possibility he could sit down for the entire year, as reported earlier.

The fact that the Pels are sitting him down this early means they are at least considering a deal before Thursday's deadline, a good sign for teams trying to get him before then. But is it right to force your best player to sit out for the sake of keeping him as a valuable trade piece?

While that argument could go either way, it's clear the Pelicans aren't playing any games or taking any chances in the Anthony Davis trade. It's a turning point for the franchise, and one they intend to be very careful about.