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The Pelicans Went Viral After Wrecking Magic Johnson And The Lakers On Twitter


One of the many stories regarding the Anthony Davis trade rumors was Magic's Johnson's take on it. In comments made publicly, the Lakers' de-facto leader called out the Pelicans for not negotiating in "good faith." He was essentially calling them out for not taking their trade talks seriously.

Yesterday, after that same Laker team fell to an Anthony Davis-less New Orleans squad, the Pels had some shots to fire on social media.

Clearly, there's some bad blood between these two teams. New Orleans and their management feel that LeBron and his camp have been secretly maneuvering Davis to L.A. from behind the scenes the whole time. Once Davis' trade request went viral, they immediately blamed LeBron and the Lakers for stealing their star away.

With this attitude, the Pelicans played the Lakers into negotiations, when in reality it seems they were never serious about making a deal anyway. Magic called them out on it, and the Lakers have never been the same since.

So, no matter what happens going forward, the Pelicans definitely won this battle. Because the Lakeshow, in all of their struggles, is the NBA's biggest laughing stock right now.