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The Perfect President For The Los Angeles Lakers

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

It was not that long ago when Jeanie Buss looked upon Magic Johnson to save her franchise. Very quickly, Magic was the guy -- the hero for Los Angeles. But following the signing of LeBron James, Magic made a bevy of questionable decisions that called into question the nature of his plan.

Just a summer later, he made it known to the world he would be quitting the franchise, without so much as a word to anyone within the organization.

Now, the Lakers are searching for his replacement, and on Fox Sport's The Herd, Collin Cowherd made an interesting proposition as to who that replacement could be.

The Mamba makes a lot of sense. He has ties to a lot of current stars, he knows the game of basketball, and is willing to make the hard decisions if it is for the best interest of the team. Plus, he is a former Laker and knows what it takes to be successful in the city.

The only question then would be if Bryant is up to the task. He has hung around the game, making appearances, and having his hand in previous hires (most notably Rob Pelinka). But he is also running his own business, and recently won an Oscar for a short film he produced.

He has moved on from basketball, that much is clear. If Jeanie Buss can convince him to come back, however, it could be the best move for a franchise struggling to regain their glamour.