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The Perfect Question For The Lakers Fans: Where They’d Want To Sit

Credit: The Lakers Files

Credit: The Lakers Files

NBA basketball fans dream of meeting their idols and who knows, maybe have a little chat with them. When you’re a Lakers fan, the case is a little more complicated. The Purple and Gold is one of the most successful franchises in the association after being the home of some of the greatest players ever.

The Lakers File made a very difficult question for Lakers fans on Wednesday, asking them to pick one table to sit out of 10. You can see some of the greatest Lakers in history on those tables, which makes it a hard decision to make.

One of them features Magic Johnson, Pau Gasol and Wilt Chamberlain. Another one presents Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. LeBron James and Alex Caruso are sitting at table 6, while Kobe Bryant, Nick Young and Derek Fisher sit at table 9.

There are more spots to pick. We’re talking about the Los Angeles Lakers, but it looks like the majority will choose between those four.

The Lakers have a rich and successful history and it’s not an easy choice to pick between these options. They have collected 16 titles so far and this season they were set to claim the 17th before the league suspended the season.

That said and with all the things all these guys bring to the table, where would you like to sit as a Lakers fan?