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The Philadelphia 76ers Didn't Commit To Jimmy Butler Because Ben Simmons Didn't Like Him


Elton Brand is getting a lot of criticism lately because of the moves he did while in charge of the Philadelphia 76ers, considering how poorly Tobias Harris and Al Horford performed in the playoffs despite having those huge contracts.

Even so, it seems like Brand's only true mistake was giving up on Markelle Fultz and overpaying for Horford, as Harris' deal seemed pretty reasonable at the time.

Then again, Sixers fans are complaining about the fact that he traded for Jimmy Butler just to let him go a couple of months later. Everybody knew it was a risky move, but let's not forget that they were one bounce away from taking the Raptors to overtime.

And, apparently, Butler's departure wasn't entirely Brand's fault, as it Chris Haynes recently reported that Brett Brown and Ben Simmons didn't like him:

"Brown didn’t appreciate how outspoken Butler was with his coaching tactics, and Ben Simmons once took issue with a text message Butler sent in a team group chat that instructed Simmons what not to do in an upcoming game against Brooklyn," Haynes reported.

Jimmy Butler is an alpha dog. The young guns at Minnesota didn't care for his leadership style either, and it's not a secret that Brett Brown has dropped the ball more than once during his time with the Sixers. It's also evident that Ben Simmons has a bit of an ego and doesn't like being told what to do. It happens when you're a star.

Now, Jimmy Butler is flourishing again with the Miami Heat. He turned them into a Championship contender and his grittiness and tough love are welcome at South Beach. Butler is one game away from the Eastern Conference semifinals and the Sixers already left the bubble.