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Players Have Already Begun Recruiting LeBron James


Not even hours after LeBron's Finals loss, the recruiting efforts to acquire him this summer have already begun.

And what better guy to kick things off than Joel Embiid himself? Following the Warriors win, Embiid sent out a not-so-cryptic tweet directed in LeBron James' direction.

For those who don't already know, the 76ers have been named as serious contenders for The King's services this July, despite the recent drama unfolding in their front office. And while no official indicators regarding his next location have been revealed, it's not hard to imagine why Philly is seen as such a lucrative location.

But Embiid isn't the only one. Shortly after, Enes Kanter and Dejounte Murray joined in on the action.

No matter which team wins the LBJ sweepstakes, it's clear that this summer will be one of epic proportions, as the world awaits his next move.