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The Professor Teaches James Harden Some Incredible Skills

Credit: Professor Live

Credit: Professor Live

Houston Rocket’s guard and last season’s MVP, James Harden, is one of the greatest offensive players of all time and an incredible ball handler but he may be able to take his game to the next level by lessons he has learned from The Professor.

The Professor is also known as Grayson Boucher, he is a very well-known street baller and actor with unbelievable handles. Boucher recently paid a visit to Toyota Centre as a promotion for NBA Live 19, this was where he let Harden in on one of his secret moves, the “teleportation” move.

Harden revealed beforehand that he had always been a fan of The Professor and his AND1 videos that he posts.

“I watched all of the AND1 mixtapes,” James Harden said. “When I was in AAU, we were sponsored by AND1, so we got all of the tapes. I’ve been in that culture, but there was never a transfer. You were either a streetball player or you were a pro. It’s like battle rapping and regular rapping. They say you can’t cross over, but you can.”

As a great ball handler himself, it didn’t take long for Harden to learn the move, after just three attempts, he had mastered the “teleportation” move.

You can check out the full video of the meet-up between the two down below.

Whether Harden decides to bring out that move in a real game or not, it’s sure great to see the two talented handlers together. The reigning MVP will be looking to go one further this season and make the Finals this year.