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The Real Truth Behind The Curry And Giannis Conversation: Stephen Curry And Giannis Weren't Talking About Video Games

(via Complex)

(via Complex)

Α while ago, Steph Curry was caught telling Giannis "come on let's do it" following the end of one of their matches.

After much speculation, Curry told Chris Haynes that it was just in reference to his Gamertag, as the two were (according to Steph) just trying to link up on the sticks.

That should have been the end of it, right? Maybe not.

Curry recently met with Trevor Noah to talk about a whole host of different things., and at one point, he revealed that he "hasn't seen a video game controller" since he's had kids.

So which is it, Steph? Obviously, the conflicting statements open the door to some major doubt. What, exactly, was Curry telling Giannis about -- and why would he be lying about it?

Needless to say, some have already taken it as a recruiting effort by Curry. Make of it as you will, but there's certainly room to speculate there.