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The Reason Why Devin Booker May Be The Most Overrated Player In The NBA


On the "Hot Takes and Shot Fakes" podcast, Ben Golliver explains why Phoenix Suns "star" Devin Booker might be one of the most overrated young players in the league:

People overrate Devin Booker…With Booker, he is a high volume scorer and he has made real strides in filling out his offensive portfolio, becoming a more efficient scorer, but what we look for in the top 100, especially from lead scorers: does your scoring, individual ability, with the ball in your hands, translate to team success? Phoenix’s offensive rating: dead last. There’s no excuse for that. If you have a legit, top 30 player who is a top 10 scorer in the NBA, and those points are not empty to some degree, there’s no way that team could have the worst offense in the league. Period.

Ask yourself, “What position does Devin Booker play in the playoffs for an elite offense?” We’re talking Houston or Golden State. He’s not starting. He’s in that Eric Gordon role, and frankly he’s not defending as well as Eric Gordon Defended in the Western Conference Finals.

He continued, saying that part of the reason Booker is overrated might be due to the Suns' fanbase having nothing else to cheer for.

He absolutely has the potential to outplay his ranking, but the hype around Booker that’s on the internet is way, way too much right now and I don’t understand it. I don’t think people watch Suns games. If it’s Suns fans who are mad, I get that, because you have nothing else to cheer about if you’re a Suns fan.

For the Suns, Booker is their pride and joy. But, with more doubt looming now more than ever, we have to wonder just how far he can take his team.