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The Reason Why Dwight Didn't Sign With The Lakers

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

When everything suggested that Dwight Howard was going to re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, things fell apart and the big man decided to try his luck somewhere, ultimately signing with the Philadelphia 76ers to a one-year deal. Howard had even announced that he was going to stay with the Lakers on Twitter but he quickly deleted the post.

Now he's joining Ben Simmons, Dwight Howard and Daryl Morey in Philly, trying to take the Sixers to be relevant again after a disappointing 2019/20 season. After the deal fell apart, the reason why Howard didn't re-sign with the Lakers saw the light. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, a case of miscommunication prevented the deal from being completed.

Lakers management informed Howard’s agent that they had to consult with team ownership and seek approval before making an official offer, sources said. Howard waited for nearly an hour without hearing back, sources said. Communication was strictly between the Lakers front office and Howard’s agent, sources said.

Howard was expected to strike a deal worth around $3 million, which prompted him to send the now-deleted tweet. After that, things went wrong for him and the team and he decided to take a different direction. The Sixers took advantage of that situation and offered a deal to Dwight.


Lakers fans weren't happy with this and destroyed Howard on Twitter, sending any kind of messages for the player. Well, he left the Lakers as a champion and nobody can change that.