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The Reason Why Playing With LeBron May Be A Problem For Kevin Durant


As one of the league's winningest teams, the Lakers are making their case as to why they should be taken seriously in the wild Western Conference.

Their hope, however, does not lie in what happens this season, or even this postseason. For the Purple and Gold, everything hinges on the summer.

Among a pool of other stars, Kevin Durant will be available (truly available) for the first time in years. Magic Johnson is hoping to lure him from Oakland to L.A. That will prove to be harder than most other things they've done, and their superstar acquisition this past summer may be a huge part of the reason why.

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"[Kevin Durant] said out loud what everybody has been saying privately. The question is how do I fit off the court. LeBron and his group run things, they run the organization. Nobody is going to take that from them"

For literally every other team in the NBA, they could sell KD on having control over the franchise. If Durant wanted to go to the Wizards, the team would be his. If he wanted to go to the Knicks? The team would be built around him.

In Los Angeles, with the Lakers, Durant can't really have the control, because it's LeBron's. The team, the spotlight, the glory -- it's all his. And as great as it must be to play alongside King James, that overbearing reality must be a hard one to swallow if you're a star deciding whether or not you want to join.

This summer, we'll see how things play out. Chances are, L.A. is going to get at least one of their targets, but it definitely won't be easy.