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The Reason Why The Knicks Traded Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis

New York rocked the world in February when they traded their recovering franchise star, Kristaps Porzingis, to Dallas. For a while, Porzingis was hailed as one of the brightest young stars in the game, even earning his signature "the unicorn" nickname.

Speculation seems to be hinting that the team traded Porzingis for cap-space in preparation for one of the summer's big name free agents, namely Kevin Durant. But in a recent interview with Brian Giuffra of The Big Lead, Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News revealed that the motive goes much deeper than that.

Allegedly, the Knicks were “not totally sold” on the Latvian center as the face of the franchise.

“No. I think, from my understanding, the Knicks were not totally sold on Porzingis as their franchise star and were pretty eager to trade him. The relationship between the franchise and the star was strained and had been that way for some time. And I think they were looking to part ways. The trade, on the surface, doesn’t look good. I mean, you’re trading your franchise player, your star, a guy they had been pumping up as a future MVP and all this stuff, and they basically trade him for cap space and two draft picks.”

Kristaps was always a good scorer, posting 17.8 points per game on 43% shooting. But it remains to be seen whether or not his game is good enough to lead a franchise. The Knicks certainly did not think so.

With the recent rape accusations against Porzingis, and his rather slow recovery from the ACL injury, itis hard to argue the Knicks made the wrong decision, at least right now. It will be up to him and him alone to prove them wrong.