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The Reason Why Tyronn Lue Should Be Very Worried


With LeBron James having departed the industrious town of Cleveland for the bright lights and sunny beaches of LA the Cavs have gone from perennial title contender to compete for a Playoff spot.

Nobody is knocking them for that; LeBron James is the best player in the world and when you lose someone lack that you are going to suffer. They still have Kevin Love who I predict will be an All-Star this season as he returns to his Minnesota playing level but it will be hard for them to adapt to their 2nd post-LeBron era.

This will be a very hard season for Tyronn Lue who will have more control over the team because LeBron isn’t there but will have a much harder time winning games because well... LeBron isn’t there.

According to Fan Sided:

For the 2018-19 season, Lue’s goal is much changed. With LeBron James gone, the Cavs are no longer a perennial title contender. Rather, they are a team that simply wants to compete in the East.

“Staying competitive” translates to a playoff appearance.

While this is a much less lofty goal than winning the championship, making the playoffs with these young and misfit Cavaliers could be Coach Lue’s toughest challenge yet.

If the Cavs suck like they did last time LeBron left then Coach Lue may find himself out of the job before the All-Star break as this team looks to another direction. If he can get Love to carry the offense like he can do then Lue might be able to hold on to his job for the next few seasons.

If not then it looks like it could be another revolving door situation as the Cavs struggle to find their identity again when it seems that their entire city was defined by LeBron.