The Referee Explains The Anthony Tolliver-LeBron James Foul Call

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Credit: Youtube

Credit: Youtube

Anthony Tolliver starred in a very strange moment on Saturday night when the Portland Trail Blazers took on the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers won the game 128-120, ending their four-game losing streak, but that wasn’t the biggest moment of the night.

At some point in the second quarter, Tolliver was called a foul on LeBron James that nobody but the refs saw, apparently. This sparked a lot of comments on social media, asking why they made such a call. Well, now the referee has explained why he blew the whistle when Bron was on his way to the rim.

“Upon review, from the baseline angle we saw the defender, Tolliver, run up behind a vulnerable airborne shooter, being LeBron, and make illegal contact with his left knee to the left foot of LeBron.”

After the explanation, some fans have started to change their minds, but the general consensus is that that was a bad call and that’s it. LeBron has been accused of getting calls throughout his career, and this play only helps his hater confirm that.