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The Relationship Between Kawhi And Coach Pop May Be Over After This Quote From Popovich


Another day, and more bad news coming out of the San Antonio Spurs organization.

After a blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors in their round one matchup of the playoffs, attention was turned to the absence of Kawhi Leonard, who didn't even make an appearance on the bench for the Spurs, something he's failed to do the entire season while suffering from a right quad injury.

Why was Kawhi not behind the bench in street clothes supporting his teammates in the postseason? What's going on behind the scenes that may have soured the relationship between Leonard and the Spurs?

Well, those questions definitely weren't answered yesterday when Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was asked if there was any chance at all Kawhi may return to face the Warriors this season. If anything, it raised even more questions.

The fact that there isn't a direct communication line between Pop and Kawhi, and the Spurs are having to get all their information on their star player from Leonard's entourage is a very worrying sign.

With that reponse, Pop pretty much guranteed Kawhi wouldn't be returning this postseason, and may have even begun the conversation regarding Leonard's future in San Antonio.