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The Rockets Plans This Summer May Shock Just About Everyone


On the cusp of an NBA Finals appearance, it's hard to imagine the Houston Rockets being significantly better than they are now. Still, we know it's possible, and we know they can do it. The key lies with LeBron James, who is an unrestricted free-agent this summer. If H-Town can somehow lure LeBron to play for them, they'd become (probably) one of the greatest teams to ever play.

Naturally, with this vision in mind, it would seem like a no-brainer to go after The King hard this summer. But according to ESPN's Stephen A Smith, that's not something the Rockets have any intention of doing:

"I have been told that the Rockets have no intention of pursuing Lebron, they will be focusing on keeping the core together and take care of CP3."

After dropping this bomb on his radio show, it's left us all wondering what exactly the market looks like for LeBron James. Are teams seeing him as something more than a 33-year-old legend nearing the tail end of his career, or do they see a guy worth investing tens of millions of dollars in?

At least for Houston, they see themselves as perfectly fine without him.

All summer long we've talked about where James is going this summer. But what if he's got no choice but to stay?