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The Secret Weapon Of The Boston Celtics


Sunday afternoon begins the raging battle for the Eastern Conference Finals crown, where two opponents on different sides of their journey will face off in epic fashion. The Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics: Round II.

But as true as that all may be, some say that this series is over before it’s even started. LeBron James is on an unstoppable tear, Boston is missing some key players, and the universe just always seems to favor King James when it comes to dominating Eastern Conference opponents.

Still, it doesn’t mean the Celtics don’t have a trick or two up their sleeve. Per Marc D’Amico, Boston coach Brad Stevens is trying to learn more about the Cavs by asking former Cleveland point guard Kyrie Irving. In a tweet, D’Amico details how Stevens said he was specifically listening for the strengths/weaknesses of the players.

So does Uncle Drew know something about LeBron that might be able to slow him down?

While we won’t have to wait much longer to figure it out, Kyrie better have SOMETHING... or else the Celtics could suffer at the hands of the King, just like everybody else.