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The Story Behind Why Kobe Used A Private Helicopter In And Around Los Angeles

(via AVweb)

(via AVweb)

Kobe Bryant grew fond of traveling by helicopter around Los Angeles. For the past few years, he chose to move by air instead of on the road.

With this habit leading to his death, many are wondering why he would travel by chopper in the first place. He has actually revealed that answer before.

Retired NBA player Rex Chapman shared a clip of the former Lakers star’s interview in a tweet on Monday morning.

“Traffic started getting really bad,” Bryant said. “I was sitting in traffic and I wound up missing a school play. This thing just kept mounting. I had to figure out a way how I can still train and focus on the craft, but still not compromise family time.

“That’s when I looked into helicopters, and being able to get down and back (from the arena) in 15 minutes,” Bryant went on to say. “That’s when it started.”

Here's the full video:

The L.A. traffic was just a little too much for him to handle. And for a guy who has spent 20 years in the city, that's no joke.

Of course, it came with risks -- and Kobe was unfortunate enough to fall victim to it.