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The Story Of The Time Michael Jordan Boarded Flight To Game 6 Of The 1993 NBA Finals With A Can Of Beer

(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

Michael Jordan is one of those types that never doubts himself or his team. Over the course of his 15-year career, that point was proven time and time again.

In one particular case, it manifested itself in the NBA Finals. See, as the story is told on ESPN, Jordan once boarded a flight to Phoenix for the 1993 Finals with a beer in hand, cigar in mouth, and zero doubts about the coming fate of his team.

MJ boarded the flight to Phoenix for Game 6 1993 NBA Finals with a can of beer in hand, big cigar, and he stopped and looked around and he said "Anyone that doesn't think we're gonna win the championship: get off the d*mn plane.. Let's go boys, I didn't even pack for two games."

Of course, Jordan and the Bulls went on to win that year in six games -- fulfilling Jordan's promise. In fact, in all six trips to the Finals, Michael and the team never allowed to let the series reach the seventh game, closing out their opponents in six, and going 6-0 altogether.

To this day, that record, and his overwhelming confidence in closing things out remains one of the strongest arguments for his status as the GOAT. Nobody quite had the power, the swagger, and the will power of Jordan -- and it's unlikely we will ever see it again.