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The Timberwolves Have A 3-15 Record After Tweet Calling Out Doubters

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Life comes fast at you and that happens a lot in major sports leagues. The latest case we’ve seen on this involved the Minnesota Timberwolves and one infamous tweet that appears to have turned into a curse for them.

More than a month ago, on November 14, the T-Wolves shared a gif with Karl-Anthony Towns, mocking their haters.

"tHe WoLvEs aRe GoInG tO bE bAd tHiS sEaSoN,” the tweet read.

Following that, they entered a really bad period, losing several games, drastically changing their reality. Back in the day, they were 7-4. Right now they are 10-19, going 3-15 since tweeting that.

They haven't won a single home game since that moment and are currently going through a 11-game losing streak, which is the longest losing streak in the NBA at this moment.

On Monday night they lost against the diminished Golden State Warriors, 113-104, in San Francisco. Nobody knows what happened to them, but the T-Wolves need to turn things around as soon as possible.