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The Time Stephen A. Smith Once Said A Healthy Derrick Rose Is A Better Version Of Russell Westbrook

The Time Stephen A. Smith Once Said A Healthy Derrick Rose Is Better Than Russell Westbrook

Even the most likable NBA analysts and insiders have the occasional controversial take.

Today, in regards to the infamous Stephen A. Smith, we go back to one of his most debated segments of the season: when he ranked his Top-5 "if only" athletes ever.

Unsurprisingly, former Bulls star Derrick Rose made the list at number four.

Shockingly, though, Mr. Smith went on to call him a better version of today's Russell Westbrook.

"Derrick Rose, completely, 100% healthy, is a better version of Russell Westbrook, and we know how great of an athlete Russell Westbrook is. If Derrick Rose had never gotten injured, y'all don't even know the half of it."

It's easy to forget how amazing DRose was in his prime. While the former MVP is still doing his thing today, he's not the player he was back then, when he was flying high above the rim leading the Bulls to the top of the Eastern Conference.

His power, athleticism, and intensity are really only comparable to Westbrook, and it is what propelled him and his team through years of hard-fought battles.

But is Rose really a better version of Russ? Needless to say, some fans think it's blasphemous to even suggest such a thought. Westbrook, after all, is an MVP himself, and also happens to be the only player since Oscar Robertson to average a triple-double for a season.

So, while the former Chicago guard was a true superstar back in the day, not everyone agrees on just how good he was in his hey-day.

What do you think?