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The Undertaker Says Michael Jordan Is The GOAT, Not LeBron James

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

For years, NBA fans of all ages, shapes, races, and countries have been involved in the never-ending debate about whether Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time or someone from a different era should be ranked above him.

As you may know by now, almost every single person who actually watched Jordan play through his career and not just highlight films has come to the conclusion that he's in fact the GOAT, while younger fans may argue that his era wasn't nearly as competitive as modern-day.

That's why they often throw LeBron James in the conversation and don't get me wrong, he's done plenty throughout his career to be amongst the all-time greats. But if you were to ask a 90's guy, he'd tell you otherwise. If you don't take our word for it, just ask WWE legend The Undertaker:

“It’s undeniable how great a player LeBron James is, but Jordan just had a different mindset. He’s second to none. Maybe it was the era I grew up in, and I was much more involved in basketball at that point. Kobe belongs somewhere in that conversation, too, but I’m definitely a Jordan guy," the Undertaker recently claimed on an interview with Sports Illustrated.

The subject was brought up in the light of his 'The Last Ride' documentary, which has drawn several comparisons with Michael Jordan's 'The Last Dance'.

Apparently, the legendary wrestler is ready to call it quits after a 30-year career on the ring. In fact, there are plenty of similarities between him and Jordan, who he clearly admires.

They both took their respective sports by storm in the late 80s and dominated through the 90s. They both made their sports gain worldwide recognition and are once-in-a-lifetime kinds of talents. Perhaps that's why he holds Michael to such a high standard.