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The Untold Truth That LeBron Fans Will Hate To Hear


The Jimmy Butler news showed us a lot of things.

It showed us that his relationship with KAT really is as bad as everyone thought. It showed us that the Timberwolves aren't any closer to stability than they were a year ago.

It also told us that LeBron James may not be the greatest teammate in the world, too.

In this tweet by Twitter user Jaden_3x, he points out a very interesting pattern between Steph and LeBron.

For some reason, LeBron keeps getting pushes aside in terms of atrracting other stars to the Lakers. First PG, then Kawhi, and now Jimmy Butler, who didn't include the Lakers on his list trade destination list.

Meanwhile, Steph Curry has helped build a culture in which virtually every star wants to be a part of.

And no matter which way you spin it, this pattern says something about the different cultures that have been established in the NBA. Now, we've just got to figure it out.