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The Warriors' Biggest Challenge Is How To Maximize The Potential With DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins Says Golden State Warriors Are The Most Hated Team In Sport

It’s hard to realise just how dominant the Golden State Warriors will be when DeMarcus Cousins is fully fit and completely recovered from his injury.

When that happens, we may be able to realize just what the Warriors have been able to put together. Five superstars with incredible accolades, all of which are still young enough to have a good future ahead of them. Incredibly, they were all born within 30 months of each other, it’s as good as a starting lineup that we may have ever seen in the game.

Monte Poole of NBC Sports believes that the question the Golden State Warriors need to be asking themselves is if it possible for five players to reach peak performance and production simultaneously?

“It is one thing to espouse egalitarian principles, as coach Steve Kerr does on a daily basis. He spreads credit and criticism honestly without being harsh. Still, it’s a big ask of reality to consistently adhere to those principles.” Monte Poole wrote.

The Warriors have easily been the most dominant team over the last four years, winning three out of the last four championships. Having all players in the starting lineup playing at that best is still a massive challenge.

An example of this was their last matchup in Charlotte where Cousins was having one of his best games for the season along with Durant, Green, and Thompson playing very strong offensive games. Unfortunately, Steph Curry didn’t have a night out like his teammates, the 3-point specialist had a poor score ration of 5 from 18.

It’s a common trend when the Golden State Warriors play if two or three of their stars perform well, the side doesn’t need their other stars to perform at full tilt. This may be just the benefit of having five superstars as their starting lineup.

One of their other concerns is that except for Green, the entire Warriors lineup need and want to have a big involvement on the scoring side of things. When they are unable to touch the ball as much or have any impact, their performance tends to drop.

Therefore the team really needs to nail their team chemistry and know each other inside and out for maximum performance. Super teams usually never work the way they’re expected to, if this side can get their act together, they will be virtually unstoppable.