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The Warriors Expect Klay Thompson To Remain With Team


As any Warriors fan will tell you, Klay Thompson is a key part of what makes their team so special. The 6'7" guard from Washington State University has come a long way since being drafted in 2011.

Averaging a career-high 21.6 points per game this season, he is continuing to cement his legacy as one of the best scorers ever. And while Klay isn't necessarily the best player on the Warriors, his skill set definitely makes him one of the most important.

This summer, Klay is due to hit free-agency and has bene the talk of town in recent months. Despite the risk of losing him, most NBA executives aren't sold on the idea of him leaving. According to The Athletic's Ethan Strauss, there is an "expectation within and outside" the Warriors organization that Thompson will remain with Golden State.

Obviously, this is great for the Warriors. As Kevin Durant remains uncertain about his future, the team can have confidence they'll be good for years to come with Thompson secured long-term.

This is pretty unfortunate for the Lakers though, as their desperation for a second star had them dreaming of a LeBron/Klay duo in Los Angeles.

This is far from a commitment of course, but this feeling could be enough to sway the decisions of both the Lakers and Warriors moving forward. It'll be an interesting few months, to say the least.