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The Warriors Have No Budget When They Travel


The Warriors are different. On the court, their chemistry is just something unique and they dominate in ways we've ever seen before. In the locker-room, we hear stories of the peace that usually resides within, and how each guy holds the others accountable.

But the Warriors' world extends beyond just the arena. In a talk with the Christopher Lochhead Podcast, Andre Iguodala have us a little sneak peek into his world, explaining how much different the team really is compared to others.

"I tell the guys -- I came into the NBA 15 years ago, and we've always had good planes. But the Warriors are pretty special," Iguodala said. "We always tell the young guys, our rookies -- 'Listen, this isn't the real NBA. The Warriors -- this isn't real. This is kind of like a fantasy land.'

"We're a step above a good team. When I was in Philly, I would talk to our travel guy, and he'd be like, 'We got a budget.' Teams have budgets, and some teams are really cheap. He'd be like, 'Listen, we got a budget so we can stay in good hotels in certain cities, but other cities we can't stay in the hotels that are as good.'

Apparently, the Warriors don't hold by that same budget. And why would they? With four of the best players on the planet, they can afford all kinds of luxuries.

"This was his idea: We stay in good hotels in good cities and bad hotels in the bad cities, because what difference does it make if you're in a bad city? Good point, so that's how we did it. But we had to budget all that out.

"But with the Warriors, there's no such thing. Everything -- whatever is the best we can find. And then we actually have food set up everywhere we go with the Warriors. When we get in somewhere, there's a restaurant reserved for us. Order whatever you want, it's all set up.

"The next day for the games, there's a whole spread after shootaround set up for you, and then after home games, there's food set up. We get breakfast and lunch before and after practice. Chefs come in and cook for you."

Things like this are what makes Golden State such a desirable location for players. True, the Warriors probably make a little more than most other teams, but they are also clearly willing to pay whatever it takes to keep the players happy. In securing other guys in free-agency later, that reputation is huge.

But in helping keep their main stars in place? It's invaluable. Can the Lakers, Celtics, or whatever other teams, promise this same type of atmosphere to Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant?

Probably not. But if they want their chance with those guys, they better hope they've got something.