The Warriors Pointed And Laughed At A Ref In Last Night's Loss To Timberwolves

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Nobody is questioning the Warriors' dominance, that much is impossible to argue against, as they embark on their quest to win a third straight NBA Championship.

The level of hatred against the team cannot be argued either. The team is dominant, almost unfair, and it makes a lot of fans envious. The Warriors have not done much to improve their likeability though, and last night's affair against the Minnesota Timberwolves only gives the haters more reason to dislike the team.

As Golden State trailed by three in the closing moments of the game, Curry got the ball in the far corner and launched a three that tied the game with 0.5 seconds left before pointing to a referee and laughing in his face.

The team was frustrated with the officiating and felt that Kevin Durant should have gotten free throws (that might have ended the game) in one of the previous possessions. Evidently, the Timberwolves won, thanks to a foul call on KD just seconds after Steph's game-tying shot.

The Wolves announcers, while a bit biased, pointed out how it seemed like a reasonable call.

The Warriors obviously disagreed, with most of the players shaking their heads in disbelief as Steph started walking off the floor and other members of the team started literally laughing.

No matter your opinion on the officiating, it should be above the Warriors to display this type of behavior in the middle of a game, especially one that ultimately will not mean amount to anything in the postseason.

This kind of behavior is exactly the kind of thing that makes so many people hate the Warriors.

Not that it bothers them in the slightest.