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The Worst-Case Scenario For The Warriors This Summer

Steph Curry

The Warriors rule the basketball world right now, that much is no mystery. Their roster is stacked, everyone is hitting their strides, and the team is atop the West once again, boasting a 42-16 record.

But this summer so much can change for them. And while things are expected to go fairly well, there is a chance things can go very, very wrong for them as well.

Vincent Frank of SportsNaught broke it all down.

Starting with Kevin Durant, because he would likely be the first domino to fall.

Losing Durant to an east coast team would have wide-ranging ramifications for the Warriors. But losing him to a conference rival would be absolutely huge.

After losing Durant, the departure of Thompson would likely sting even worse.

Thompson has said numerous times that he wants to finish his career with the Warriors. But in reality, the ball is not in his court. Sure Golden State’s brass is willing to do everything possible from a financial perspective to retain its core group. With that said, owner Joe Lacob and Co. continue to have their eye on the future. If retaining Thompson on a max deal handcuffs the team long term, the brass could come to the conclusion that he’s not worth it.

Let's not forget DeMarcus Cousins, who is probably the least likely to stay anyway.

Given that Cousins was set to earn a max contract in the summer of 2018 prior to suffering an Achilles injury last season, there’s a good chance he’ll be offered a lucrative contract.

Among these other losses, some notable guys could choose to leave the game altogether, including Steve Kerr and Andre Iguodala.

If Golden State were to win the title this June, there’s a good chance the 35-year-old Iguodala would call it quits. He’s playing less minutes this season and the Warriors seem to be saving him for the playoffs. Kerr’s back problems are already well known. They caused him to miss extensive time in two of his four seasons as the Warriors’ head coach.

Without Kerr, Durant, Iguodala, Cousins, and Thompson, the Dubs would obviously be left with a shell of their former selves. Only Steph would remain, likely being the one to usher in a rebuilding era in Golden State.

It is unlikely that the Warriors would suffer this much loss. In fact, they might get even better than they are now. But, in summer of so many unknowns, it's easy to forget just how much is at stake for this Golden State superteam.