There Could Be A Major Reason Why Klay Thompson Is Shooting Like Garbage Right Now

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After Golden State's first six games this season, usual sharpshooter and All-Star Klay Thompson has been off to a pretty rough start.

A career 42.2% shooter from three-point land, Klay's struggles with shooting the ball this season are very uncharacteristic of him.

Six games into this season, Thompson is shooting a woeful 4 of 31 from deep, good for 12.9% on the season. For one of the greatest shooters in the league, perhaps number two behind teammate Steph Curry, that is unacceptable.

To give Klay some slack however, it is a pretty small sample size, and there are still 76 games remaining in the season to be played where Thompson could suddenly explode from deep, as he's shown he's capable of.

But could there be something deeper going on rather than just a slump to begin the season for Klay?

Given that Thompson is due to become a free agent at the conclusion of this season, could his looming free agency, and chance at a max deal with several teams, be getting into his head?

According to coach Steve Kerr, that's definitely not the reason.

“We’ve seen this before,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said in New York, ahead of Sunday's game against the Nets. “Two years ago, Klay had an almost carbon-copy start to his season. Sometimes the very beginning of the year is like that. You get off to a rough start and it snowballs, and then you just kind of stop and go, ‘Oh, yeah, right, there’s about 75 games left.’

“Inevitably, the dam will break, and he’ll start going nuts again.”

Klay, and the Warriors as a whole, will definitely be hoping he can crack through that dam sooner rather than later.