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'There's A Better Chance Zion Becomes A Russell Westbrook Or Allen Iverson Than He Does A Top 10 All-Time Player', Says Chris Broussard

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Zion Williamson is expected to do big things in the NBA and become one of the future faces of the association but every day, more people seem to disagree with that and try to bring down the New Orleans Pelicans player. Williamson is playing his second season in the league and he's already becoming a star but some think his roof is lower than most people.

For instance, Fox Sports analyst Chris Broussard recently tried to lower the expectations about the 20-year-old, claiming that is more likely that he becomes another ringless superstar like Russell Westbrook or Allen Iverson instead of a top-10 player in NBA history.

"Zion, if he stays healthy, will likely be a Hall of Famer. I'm not going as far as top 10, I'm not going to write it off completely, who knows, but I think there’s a better chance Zion becomes a Russell Westbrook or Allen Iverson than he does a Top 10 all-time player. Zion could have these incredible scoring numbers and field goals percentages, become a cultural icon and a legend like Iverson and Westbrook and yet not win championships. I think there's a better chance he's one of those guys than he is a top 10."

Zion is seen as the future of the competition and most people believe he can have a similar impact to LeBron James in the league. It's still early to predict what is going to happen with him and his career but Broussard's predictions could become a reality, just like Zion can become a top 10 player of all time. This kid has the skills and talent to do a lot of great things in the league but time will tell how he fares in the association.