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There’s Only One Player The Cavs Won’t Trade


With LeBron James’ departure comes a new era for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And as they begin to rebuild their roster, they have to decide who’s staying and who’s going. While that distinction may be hard for most teams, it’s not something the Cavs are struggling with. Because, in a quote by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Collin Sexton is the only player on that roster considered truly “untouchable” in trade talks.

So fat, Sexton is lighting up the summer league, leading the Cabs through the playoff bracket.

Still, his full potential in the NBA remains a mystery. Will he be enough to keep the Cabs relevant on the future? Is the the superstar to replace LeBron James?

No matter your beliefs, it’s clear that the Cavs believe both of those answers may very well be yes.