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These Players Somehow Didn't Make Sports Illustrated's Top 100 List

Dwyane Wade AP

Each year, during the offseason, Sports Illustrated comes out with their Top 100 players list for the upcoming season.

Without fail, these lists cause a heap of controversy within the NBA world, as some players get angry that they're aren't ranked higher on the list, whereas fans become frustrated when certain players are overrated immensely.

SI have released the first 49 players on the list, saving positions 50-1 for a later date it seems, but already, there are a few glaring omissions from the bottom half of the 50. Players like Reggie Jackson, Demarre Carroll and Kyle Anderson all made it into the top 100, so it's a wonder how these following players didn't make the cut.

Hassan Whiteside - Miami Heat


Rajon Rondo - Los Angeles Lakers


Marcus Smart - Boston Celtics

marcus smart boston celtics nba

Enes Kanter - New York Knicks


Isaiah Thomas - Denver Nuggets

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Andre Roberson - Oklahoma City Thunder


Buddy Hield - Sacramento Kings

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Spencer Dinwiddie - Brooklyn Nets

Spencer Dinwiddie NETS

Dwyane Wade - Miami Heat


Carmelo Anthony - Houston Rockets

Carmelo Anthony Rockets NBA 41221