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These Rare Pair Of LeBron 15's Are Worth Over $100,000


We all have that one friend who is a sucker for fashion. Perhaps they love to collect NBA jerseys, or are first in line whenever the newest Jordan iteration is being released, and won't hesitate to drop over $1,000 on a new pair of shoes. But even the most devout sneakerhead would have a hard time coming up with the cash to cop a pair of these bad boys.

Designer Dominic Chambrone -- AKA The Shoe Surgeon -- has created a one-of-a-kind pair of LeBron 15's to honor LeBron James joining the 30,000 career points club this past season, and the custom pair of kicks are worth an insane amount.

That's right. Over $100,000 for these shoes. Unbelievable.

The special edition LeBron 15's are built on an all-gold design, using crocodile skin for the upper, and is accompanied by diamond accents on the lace tips and "30K LJ" hangtag.

All-in-all, a definitive collectors item if you have the spare $100k lying around to spend, but we have a feeling whoever does end up buying these one-of-a-kind kicks won't be wearing them out in public anytime soon.