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"This Has To Be The Greatest Pass Of All Time", NBA Fans React To Jason Kidd's Amazing Pass Over Yao Ming

"This Has To Be The Greatest Pass Of All Time", NBA Fans React To Jason Kidd's Amazing Pass Over Yao Ming

The Dallas Mavericks have slowly but surely improved a lot. While Luka Doncic certainly deserves a lot of credit for it, there is someone else who deserves it as well. Yes, we are talking about the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks, Jason Kidd.

Since arriving in Dallas, Kidd has completely changed the Mavs. In fact, in the 2021-22 NBA season, Kidd was at the helm of the Mavericks' amazing playoff run, where they went to the Western Conference Finals. The run includes a sensational series against the Phoenix Suns, where the Mavs announced their arrival as one of the top contenders for the NBA title.

Unfortunately, the Mavericks couldn't get past the Golden State Warriors, but Kidd has already proved that his tactics can produce good results.

Anyway, today, our focus is not on Kidd's coaching career. Instead, we will take a trip down memory lane when Jason Kidd pulled off arguably the best pass of his entire career.

And that's something because Kidd was considered one of the most elite passers of his time. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the time when Kidd played an inbound pass for an alley-oop to Shawn Marion with just 0.4 seconds left on the clock.

It was an insane pass, and Marion made no mistake in scoring the easy two points. This helped the Mavericks win the game in a shocking way.

The clip might be old, but NBA fans are always shocked when they see this pass by Kidd. After all, it is obvious that he couldn't even properly see the rim. Here are some of the best fan reactions to this video of Kidd pulling off this almost impossible pass:

kyle_cosart: Even Yao couldn’t believe it.

kcxxlyy: even Yao Ming was perplexed. 😂😂 JKIDD TOP 3 PG EVER!!!!

jackmilano._: U need .6 to catch n shoot just bad coaching not having everyone by the rim.

_.muyiwa: Legend has it that Yao is still confused.

mjo.m1: They should have had Yao around the basket.

taha.b2199: Yao why tf was i genetically breeded to be impossibly large, if they can still do this on me?

olowomike.1: J.Kidd one of the best passers all time.

laz707: Watched it live! Kidd was really HIM.

pedor_lepeps: He didn't need to see... it's Jason Kidd we talking about.

reddev2737: The fact that Yao just laughed in disbelief made that video 5x better.

shelovelaw: They supposed to not guard the inbounder because it’s .4 seconds left should’ve have Yao in the paint that was so f*****g dumb.

It goes without saying that the pass was simply incredible, and it's not every day that we see such passes. But at the same time, many fans pointed out the fact that they should have simply put Yao in the paint.

So it would have been easy for the big man to stop the alley-oop and save the game for the Rockets. But if the Rockets had done that, fans would have been stripped of such a legendary clip.