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This Incredible Stat Shows Just How Good Of A Defender LeBron James Is


No one can deny just how great of a player LeBron James has been ever since he arrived in the NBA back in 2003.

The small forward has been a dominating force on both ends of the court, and continues to amaze fans every season. Even when most thought he would begin to slow down heading into his 15th year in the NBA, James has managed to actually improve his stats this year, averaging a career-high in both assists per game and three-point percentage, showing he can change the way he approaches the game to extend his career.

Everyone knows just how great LeBron is on the offensive side of the ball, posting career averages of 27.2 points and 7.1 assists a game, but James' defense is often a factor of his game that is overlooked.

James has a whole highlight reel dedicated to his signature chasedown block, and he's not that bad of a perimeter defender either, which makes this following stat all the more impressive.

James has played 42,504 minutes in his career, putting him 23rd all-time in minutes played, but when it comes to career fouls committed, which LeBron has 2034 of, he's not even in the top 250.

That's right, despite all of the minutes JamesJames has logged on the court, and all of the bodies he's had to defend over the years, LeBron doesn't even average 2 fouls a game for his career. How insane is that?

For reference, Kawhi Leonard, who is considered one of the best defenders in the league, averages 1.7 fouls for his career, and Kevin Durant, who is in the running for Defensive Player of the Year this season with his insane blocks average (2.2) averages 1.9 fouls per contest.

LeBron may never be known as a lockdown defender once all is said and done, even if some people argue he deserved the 2013 DPOY award over Marc Gasol that season, but James' discipline on the ball and insane athleticism to pull off insane blocks and interceptions will always make him one of the most entertaining defenders of our era.